Twigs-n-Twine is the dream that Cheryl Trimpe longed for all her professional career as a florist; an in-home studio nestled in Harrison OH. Cheryl has gone through training as a certified floral designer at The Floral Design Institute in Portland OR, and schooling at Hocking College near Athens OH where she studied Wildlife Management. Growing up on 5 acres of land, exploring the woods, working along side her father in the family landscape business, and working with local Cincinnati floral businesses for more than 12 years, her creativity and love of nature are at the core of her business.

Art is another major part of her work, in that, she works with local photographers to capture the "look and feel" of sytlized photoshoots, whether for magazine submission or just for fun.
Twigs-n-Twine 2017

Photo taken by Molly Schmidt Photography
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